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Innovating Towards the Future



Circular Plastic Systems is a Danish startup company turning household plastic waste into an oil to be used for

new plastic. Using a new and significantly different technology, Circular Plastic Systems is able to upgrade raw material from household plastics that may not otherwise be recycled. The

technology is based on kinetic liquefaction and chemical recycling, turning the household plastics waste into an oil which is then later upgraded into raw material to make new plastics.

We are building an economically-viable global business focused on two objectives:

  1. Eliminating existing plastic contaminants from the environment

  2. Preventing future plastic contaminant streams from ever entering the environment.

Our team of project developers has experience spanning from waste management, renewable energy, environmental sciences and the petroleum industry. Our proven technology allows us to bring these traditionally unrelated fields together and implement an innovative solution to the problem of plastic waste.

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Circular Plastic Systems uses a new and significantly different technology for the 

recycling of household plastic waste. With the unique technology based on pyrolysis, Circular Plastic Systems is able to upgrade raw materials from household plastics that would not otherwise be recycled.


The process is officailly recognized by the Danish authorities as recycling. With the new production plant in Frederiksværk in full operation, Circular Plastic Systems will be able to recycle more than 30.000 tonnes of plastic waste per year.

Consistent quality: We allow a maximum of 5% impurities within the stream of plastic materials used for our product, providing a consistent quality of our oil.

Safe technology: The company uses technology which is safe both for Circular Plastic Systems' employees and the local citizens living near the plant. The technology differs significantly from all others in the market. 


Offering Solutions That Make A Difference

Through our projects and combined previous experience we have gained valuable knowledge by providing our services across a range of sectors affiliated with the plastics industry. Aside from the chemical recycling of plastics, our specific services include Solid Waste Management, Waste Segregation and Waste Plastics Treatment, but our offerings are customized for each client. As part of our commitment to socially-responsible engineering, we provide these services for all clients who require it. Our team is flexible and takes all environmental considerations into account when designing each project.

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Circular Plastic Systems was founded in order to create strategic engineering solutions for the varying needs of today’s world. Below you’ll find a collection of recent stories and updates about our work and the industry in general. These are meant to keep you informed about all the news worth knowing. Read on to find out all the latest updates, news, and trends.



November 8th, 2021

After several years of preparation, Circular Plastic Systems has today opened its first plant for chemical recycling
of household plastic waste. The facility is placed in an industrial area just outside the city of Frederiksværk in
Denmark. The plant is offering a new plastics liquefaction technology turning low quality household plastic waste into a raw
material for new plastic. The technology differs significantly from other technologies in the market offering both
quality oil as product and high safety for every one.
The plant is Circular Plastic Systems’ first in Denmark. But the plan is to expand the business significantly with
more plants over the next five years. Circular Plastic Systems sees an enormous potential for this kind of
recycling of low quality household plastic waste in Denmark. In 2019, only 14 percent of all Danish plastic waste
was recycled not the least due to the poor quality of the plastic. With the new technology, this kind of low
quality plastic waste which otherwise is incinerated or exported may be turned into new plastic using chemical recycling.
to the benefit of both climate and the environment.


Grønningen 5, 1270 Copenhagen, Denmark


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